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IT Reviews
"SmartDraw VP goes a long way towards its stated aim of making the creation of graphics as easy as creating a written document in a word processor. It gives little excuse for dull, word-heavy reports or presentations. Perhaps not a tool for those with a lot of design experience, but most of us don't have this." SmartDraw VP review on IT Reviews

"Being able to build slides in SmartDraw was significantly easier (and creating the art elements was much more simple) than the same process using PowerPoint." Read more

"SmartDraw offers a plethora of diagram templates and art elements that eliminate the need to start from scratch... As a fast illustration or business tool...we think this program functions extraordinarily well." Read more
"4.5 out of 5 stars! A slick and immensely versatile program that helps you easily create various drawings from flow charts to floor plans." Read more

Washington Times
"Every once in a while a software program comes along that really grabs me. SmartDraw 2007 is one."
Read more

ITProjectGuide Blog
"I'm VERY IMPRESSED with (SmartDraw's) depth, design and usability. I would highly recommend this as a replacement for both MS Project and Visio." Read more

SD Times
"Business graphics software creator is giving users more flexibility to customize charts and graphs." Read more

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
SmartDraw proved to be easy to use and more than packed with useful items to create great projects efficiently. The vast array of chart and graphic templates provides a major jumping-off point for all kinds of projects, especially organizational charts, which always seem to be the hardest to start." Read more

The Toronto Star
"SmartDraw includes hundreds of templates for everything from house layouts to floor plans to flow charts."

Business Tech Edge Magazine
"SmartDraw delivers attention-grabbing, professional graphics to enhance presentations, services, and your overall business appearance. SmartDraw software enables the busy business user to create projects with a powerful impact quickly." Read more

Small Business Computing
"It's a good bet this program could help just about any small company create its own business graphics." Read more

Selling Power Magazine
"SmartDraw takes a different approach...the result is a polished, presentation-quality graphic in about the time it would have to plug numbers into a spreadsheet."

"With (SmartDraw,) advisers can create flowcharts, accounting forms, data flow diagrams and more, all of it done through a drag-and-drop interface." Read more

Training Media Review
"It's a superior tool for creating business graphics for a stunningly large number of purposes." Read more

Mobile Enterprise
"SmartDraw is full of templates and graphics to help you create professional-quality business presentations."

Portable Computing Magazine
Editor's Choice - "A Great graphics program for documents and presentations."
"SmartDraw makes it possible for anyone to create professional quality business graphics such as flowcharts, org charts, Gantt charts, time-lines, floor plans and more in minutes." Read more

Financial Times
"[SmartDraw] ... the easiest to use and most powerful business graphics package I have come across." Read more

Presentations Magazine
SmartDraw: 9 out of 10 - "We found SmartDraw to be an impressive diagramming tool." Read more

Larkware Reviews
"SmartDraw is one program that I consistently turn to for business graphics, thanks to an easy to use interface and a huge library of handy symbols." Read more

PM Network Magazine
"SmartDraw is a friendlier, yet still powerful, diagramming alternative to Visio®." Read more

Desktop Pipeline
"If you need to create a professional-quality flowchart or diagram in a minimum amount of time...[SmartDraw has] been my diagramming program of choice for years." Read more

ADT Magazine
"SmartDraw is a drawing program that features an amazing variety of built-in symbols and impressive ease-of-use at an excellent price." Read more

"I'd rate SmartDraw very high on ease of use...and, it's cost-effective." Read more

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