Create Professional-Quality Presentations that Work on Your Mobile Device

Visual presentation

Build a great visual presentation with SmartDraw graphics—import your Office® documents, too.


Give your presentation even more impact with sequencing—building your charts and graphs step-by-step. This is the most effective way to present information and SmartDraw does it for you automatically.

Show your presentation anywhere

Show your presentation anywhere, on any mobile device—you don't even need a conversion program.

SmartDraw is the Only Presentation Software You Need

You don't need a graphics artist or multiple programs to create, share and show awesome presentations. All you need is SmartDraw.

With more than 70 types of charts, graphs, maps, diagrams, and other visuals to choose from, SmartDraw gives you a huge variety. There are also more than 1,900 templates to make creating the perfect presentation fast and easy.

SmartDraw lets you import your Microsoft Excel® charts, photographs and other objects easily, too. Adding and moving slides around is a snap. Change your themes or import your own. You can even insert any visual into an existing PowerPoint® deck with one click.

When you're finished, your presentation is automatically backed up in your SmartDraw account. This gives you web access from any PC or mobile device. So you can show your presentation from your phone or tablet, without needing a conversion program. It just doesn't get any easier than that.

Build an Impressive Presentation You Can Take Anywhere... in Six Easy Steps

2. Organize Your Presentation Using a Storyboard

Organize Your Presentation Using a Storyboard

When you get your presentation mapped out, use the storyboard feature in SmartDraw to organize it. The information from your mind map lets you structure your storyboard. If you decide you want to move things around, just drag the shapes into place and everything reformats.

4. Use Sequencing to Hold Their Attention

Use Sequencing to Hold Their Attention

Sequencing your visuals, or presenting them in a step-by-step manner, breaks up larger pieces of information. Your audience can take information in smaller bits, allowing them to follow along more easily. SmartDraw includes a simple, automated tool that does this for you.

6. Publish It, Show It or Share It with Ease

Publish It, Show It or Share It with Ease

When you choose the Publish to Web option, your presentation is available to you from any web browser or on your mobile devices. And you don't need a conversion program to show it. You can also share your presentation with others, or publish it on your website or social media pages.

1. Plan Your Presentation Using a Mind Map

Plan Your Presentation Using a Mind Map

A mind map is great for planning, because it lets you start with a central though or idea and build upon it. SmartDraw allows you to quickly add topics and subtopics, and easily move them around. The automation in SmartDraw realigns everything for you.

3. Use Visuals for More Effective Communication

Use Visuals for More Effective Communication

It's a well-known fact that using visuals multiplies the effectiveness of communication. SmartDraw includes a variety of visuals—more than 70 different types with over 1,900 templates-so you always have the right chart, graph, map or other diagram you need.

5. Build Your Presentation in PowerPoint® or on the Web*

Build Your Presentation in PowerPoint

With just a click, SmartDraw will let you build and save your presentation in PowerPoint® or in your web-based SmartDraw premium account. Whichever option you choose, SmartDraw will build your presentation, including appropriate sequencing, in one step.

*Full PowerPoint® and Web integration are available only in the Enterprise Editions of SmartDraw

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