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Lean Six Sigma Diagram Software

Automated value stream maps, process flow charts, root cause diagrams, and many other Lean Six Sigma diagrams are quick and easy to make with SmartDraw.

Lean Six Sigma diagrams are a snap to make with SmartDraw. Unlike other diagramming software, SmartDraw does the drawing for you with automated formatting. Just point and click. SmartDraw adds connecting lines and keeps everything arranged on the page. Add, move or delete shapes and everything reformats... automatically.

Lean diagram

Add steps in your value stream map with a click. Enter known data and SmartDraw will automatically calculate takt time, lead time, value-add time and process cycle efficiency. Add, move or delete steps and everything recalculates and reformats for you. automatically.

You get a wide assortment of templates and examples, too. Just open one up and you're ready to go. It's the perfect combination of power and simplicity.

Try it now for free. Find out what most Fortune 500 companies and organizations of all sizes around the world are discovering: SmartDraw is the best Lean Six Sigma diagram software available anywhere.

Professionally designed themes let you get just the right look for your Lean Six Sigma diagrams. Using SmartDraw ensures that all of your Lean Six Sigma diagrams look great and are ready for a presentation or report.

Six sigma templates

SmartDraw integrates with your Microsoft Office® suite, too. Insert any diagram into a Word® or Excel® file, an Outlook® email, or a PowerPoint® deck with just a click. You can also publish and share your Lean Six Sigma diagrams via your SharePoint® network or on the web with ease.

And with our Lean Six Sigma diagram software, you get so much more than just Lean diagrams. There are more than 70 different types of charts, graphs and diagrams—with over 4,900 templates included.

Need help getting started? SmartDraw provides free support via telephone or email.

Discover for yourself why SmartDraw is the best Lean Six Sigma diagram software you'll ever use.You can try our growth-share matrix software FREE with no obligation.

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