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Feature Comparison Chart Software

Creating feature comparison charts with SmartDraw is a breeze. Our feature comparison chart templates get you started quickly, and our software does the rest.

There is no drawing required, you just fill in your information to finish your competitive analysis in minutes. And SmartDraw keeps you looking professional, making your charts automatically presentation-ready with custom themes and one-click transfer to Microsoft PowerPoint® and Microsoft Office® applications. You can even share your feature comparison online or export to PDF.

What is a Feature Comparison Chart?

A feature comparison allows products or companies to be compared against one another. It consists of a large table listing each item to be compared along the top or the side. The other axis contains features or sometimes statements. For each product or company, a marker or checkmark is placed in the cell corresponding to each feature the item possesses. The result is a visual comparison of features since the markers make it clear at a glance which product has a particular feature and which does not.

Discover the power of visual communication with SmartDraw. Our feature comparison chart software is fast and easy. You can try our feature comparison chart software FREE with no obligation.

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