Better and Easier Diagrams for
Confluence and Jira

SmartDraw is the Only Enterprise-Grade Flowchart and Diagram Plug-In for the Atlassian Marketplace

SmartDraw has partnered with Adaptavist to bring its enterprise-grade flowchart and diagramming applications to the Atlassian marketplace. Adaptavist is widely-recognized as the most technically advanced Enterprise Partner in the Atlassian marketplace and has been so for over ten years.

SmartDraw has been a successful diagramming solution for both large and small businesses for more than 20 years. SmartDraw is used by most of the Fortune 500 and more than 250,000 public and private enterprises around the world to capture and present information visually.

Adaptavist SmartDraw for Confluence and Jira - Atlassian Verified

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Why SmartDraw Over Gliffy and

SmartDraw Gliffy
Pre-installed Templates 4,500+ 70+ 100+
Built-in Symbols 34,000+ 1,350+ 1,500+
Automated Flowcharts
Automated Org Charts
Automated Mind Maps
Automated Cause and Effect
Automated Decision Trees
Scaled Engineering and Architecture Drawings
Show Dimensions on Lines and Shapes
Inserting Shapes Into Lines
Healing of Connected Lines When Moving and Removing Shapes
Visio® Import Very Limited Limited
Gliffy® Import N/A Limited
Multiple Pages
Server version behind the firewall
Atlassian Verified

See the Difference for Yourself

Watch this short video to see how SmartDraw compares to and Gliffy. You'll get more templates, more symbols, and more power to diagram quickly and easily.

SmartDraw Offers an Enterprise-Grade Solution

Teams across enterprises are busy, have limited resources, and need to move fast. They don't have time to spend perfecting the diagrams and charts that represent their brand. SmartDraw's intuitive tools and powerful automation takes the burden off the user, automatically aligning objects and adding design enhancements to any diagram or chart.

SmartDraw's diagrams will look professionally produced without a lot of design effort. Built-in themes ensure that your diagrams always look great.

Enterprise-grade diagrams

SmartDraw Does All the Heavy Lifting

  • SmartDraw can be bought from the Atlassian marketplace. The SmartDraw add-on does not require a regular SmartDraw license or account. Administrators can purchase and install the SmartDraw app from within Atlassian. Users can then login and create diagrams using their Atlassian accounts.
  • SmartDraw is fast and secure. All documents created with the SmartDraw app are stored as attachments in your Confluence or Jira instance, never on SmartDraw's servers.
  • SmartDraw does more. No other tool has as many templates, symbols and examples. SmartDraw gives you over 34,000 professionally-drawn symbols and over 4,500 templates for over 70 different diagram types, including scaled engineering and architectural drawings as well as process flows, workflows, and much more. Gliffy and can't come close to SmartDraw's unparalleled, rich content.
  • SmartDraw is easier. SmartDraw uses automation to help create diagrams quickly with minimum effort and excellent results. You can easily add shapes and move them to where you want them to go. Everything snaps into place and aligns correctly.
  • SmartDraw diagrams look more professional. SmartDraw's themes let you apply a professional finish to any diagram in just a single click.
  • SmartDraw integrates with familiar tools. SmartDraw has an industry-leading Visio® import. Visio® documents import quickly and are fully editable. SmartDraw can also import Gliffy® files with ease.

With the Adaptavist SmartDraw plug-in, your enterprise teams can contribute, collaborate and communicate better with visuals—right inside Confluence and Jira.