SmartDraw vs Gliffy for Confluence

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More Powerful and Easier to Use Than Gliffy® for Confluence

If you're looking to add diagrams to your Confluence® pages, there are many reasons to choose SmartDraw over Gliffy. Here are some of them:

SmartDraw Gliffy
Pre-installed Templates 4,500+ 70+
Built-in Symbols 34,000+ 1,350+
Automated Flowcharts
Automated Org Charts
Automated Mind Maps
Automated Cause and Effect
Automated Decision Trees
Scaled Engineering and Architecture Drawings
Show Dimensions on Lines and Shapes
Inserting Shapes Into Lines
Healing of Connected Lines When Moving and Removing Shapes
Visio® Import Very Limited
Multiple Pages
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SmartDraw Gives You More Templates and Symbols

With SmartDraw, you'll never have to start with a blank page. SmartDraw provides you with an incredible breadth of built-in content. You'll get over 4,500 templates for every type of diagram from flowcharts to network diagrams and over 34,000 built-in symbols.

SmartDraw help you create diagrams and drawings like:

  • Flowcharts
  • Organizational charts
  • Network diagrams
  • Software designs
  • Floor plans
  • Engineering drawings
  • and Much More!
SmartDraw templates and examples

SmartDraw is Easier to Use

SmartDraw's automation is unparalleled. With Gliffy, you get a few rudimentary tools and if you need to change anything—move a shape, delete a shape, or add a new shape—you're on your own.

SmartDraw does the drawing for you. Add or remove a box, and SmartDraw realigns and arranges all the elements so that everything looks great.

Here is a short summary of just some of the features that make SmartDraw so much more easier to use than Gliffy®:

Keyboard shortcuts and automation
  • You can add shapes using just the keyboard and they are automatically placed in the correct position and properly connected to the other shapes in the drawing.
  • You can move a shape from one position to another and it will snap into place all while your drawing reformats automatically.
  • You can delete a shape and the lines will heal and the other shapes will re-adjust to fill the empty space automatically.
  • You can select a shape and start typing text into it without having to double-click.
  • You can tab from one shape to another and enter text.
Easy usability

SmartDraw Is More Affordable

SmartDraw's Enterprise grade diagramming solution is not just more powerful, but also more affordable than Gliffy. Right now, the first 1000 users get SmartDraw for Conluence for free. Even after the free period ends, SmartDraw will save you as much as 40% on larger site installations.

SmartDraw for Confluence - Cloud (after 1000 users)

10 users


15 users


25 users


50 users


100 users


500 users


2000 users


SmartDraw is Trusted by Millions of Customers

Given how intuitive SmartDraw makes diagramming, you may never need help making a diagram. But if you do, SmartDraw tech support is always free. You'll get live telephone or email support from trained, in-house professionals.

Three-fourths of Fortune 500 companies use SmartDraw, as do more than 250,000 public, private and government organizations worldwide.

SmartDraw is the trusted tool to make diagrams by professionals worldwide. In fact, over 22 million people all over the world have tried SmartDraw.

SmartDraw customers

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