Amino Acids Chart

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Charged R-Group
Negatively Charged R-Group
Positively Charged R-Group
Arginine (arg)
Histidine (his)
Lysine (lys)
Aspartic Acid (asp)
Glutamic Acid (glu)
Polar (Hydrophilic) R-Group
Glutamine (gln)
Asparagine (asn)
Cysteine (cys)
Tyrosine (tyr)
Threonine (thr)
Serine (ser)
Nonpolar (Hydrophobic)
Glysine (gly)
Alanine (ala)
Valine (val)
Proline (pro)
Isoleucine (ile)
Leucine (leu)
Methionine (met)
Phenlyalanine (phe)
Tryptophan (trp)
Amino Acids

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