Animal Group Illustration

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Amphibians are cold-blooded.
They live the greater part of their lives in the water.
They breathe through their skin, lungs, or gills.
They are vertebrates.
They usually live near or around water.
Insects are cold-blooded.
The body is made of 3 parts (head, thorax, abdomen).
They have "outside" skeletons.
Insects lay many eggs.
A spider is not an insect.
Birds are warm-blooded animals.
They have feathers.
A beak or bill is their mouth.
Birds lay eggs.
The young hatch from these eggs.
Mammals are warm-blooded.
They have either hair of fur.
Babies drink milk from their mother's body.
They are born alive.
Mammals breathe air through lungs.
Fish are cold-blooded.
Fish lay eggs.
They have fins instead of legs.
They live in the water.
Fish breathe through gills.
Reptiles are cold-blooded.
They have scaly skin.
They have short legs or none at all.
Reptiles breathe with their lungs.

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