Single Page Brochure

Create Brochure examples like this template called Single Page Brochure that you can easily edit and customize in minutes.

Text in this Example:

Avoid long paragraph. Try not to exceed more than 7 lines on each paragraph
Bulleted lists allow a viewer to scan and understand easy
Use power words such as new, easy, results, proven
AVOID ALL CAPS, it's difficult to read
Use bold and italics sparingly
Use high quality images that match to your content.
call to action, step by step tell the viewer what they need to do after reading
Your Company Name
City, State, Zip
Web Address
Inserting Your Photo:
To replace the photo on templates, select the photo-container by clicking the photo. Then, on the Insert menu, click Picture, select your picture, and choose Replace.
Tips of
Your brochure will be fighting a sea of other marketing material and must scream "read me."
Avoid text columns on the brochure cover. Get your point across in as few words as possible (2-10).
Remember if your brochure is sitting in a rack, only the top one-third will be visible at all. The cover is center-stage for your images; make sure they are vibrant and intriguing.
The only job of the cover is to entice people to pick up your brochure. Above all else, keep the cover simple.
Effective Text Content
Nothing makes text more readable than the lack of it. White space is critical and when it's missing it is usually due to too much text.
Check List:
Is it Intriguing?
Is there enough white space?
Can viewers understand the intent of the brochure in under ten seconds?
Are images effective?
Does the viewer have a reason to pick it up?
Does it provide value to the viewer?
Does it tell the viewer what to do next?
Maintain a consistent feel throughout your brochure. Using limited colors such as one or two background colors and a highlight color allows the user to easily distinguish the importance level of the information. Although the brochure is designed and printed flat, create a consistent grid for each panel, allowing enough margin space to avoid feeling cluttered. Feel free to break this grid with important elements, but the viewer needs the consistency to read the "off grid" or non-standard elements as important.

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