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Electrocardiogram - EKG (ECG)
Source: National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health. nhlbi.nih.gov
What EKG
An electrocardiogram, also called an EKG or ECG, is a simple test that detects and records the electrical activity of the heart. It is used to detect and locate the source of heart problems.
EKG complex:
P: P wave
PQ: PQ segment
QRS: QRS complex
QT: QT interval
ST: ST segment
Heart attack
Lack of blood flow to the heart muscle
A heart that is beating irregularly, or too fast or too slow
A heart that does not pump forcefully enough
Heart muscle that is too thick or parts of the heart that are too big
Birth defects in the heart
Disease in the heart valves between the different heart chambers

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