Postoperative Anesthesia Care

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Anesthesia Care
A licensed independent practitioner will document in the medical record the discharge of the patient from the PACU, when the patient's condition is stable and the patient meets the PACU discharge criteria (Aldrete Scoring System)
A full report will be given to the PACU nurse receiving the patient, including:
Patient's condition:
-Type of surgery
-Blood loss and urinary output
-Replacement of fluids-type and amount of each type
-Intraoperative vital signs
-Level of consciousness
Instructions, written and verbal, regarding further medications required
Oxygen needs of the patient
Positioning requirements of the patient
Monitoring needs of patient
The anesthetist will remain with the patient as long as necessary to ensure the patient's safety and post procedure status is assessed on admission to PACU
The patient will be accompanied to the PACU or SICU by the anesthetist and the OR Circulating RN
The patient will be transferred form the operating room at the completion of the procedure when the anesthetist feels that the patient is stable

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