How VisualScript Works

VisualScript generates a diagram from data. To do so, it needs an application to expose a REST endpoint URL that it can interpret and turn into a visual report.

VisualScript can interpret SDON, which is a markup language SmartDraw created for describing diagrams.

Any technology can be used to read data and convert it into SDON and implement the REST endpoint: ScriptRunner, Java, JQL, and so on.

SmartDraw VisualScript flow

Steps to Creating A Visual in VisualScript

Learn SDON

To write your own report, you'll have to learn how to translate your data into a diagram using SDON.

The SDON cookbook documents all the ingredients required to make a diagram. You'll learn how to create specific diagram types and add more complex features.

If you want an overview of the SDON syntax and objects, check out the SDON reference guide.

Learn SDON

Use the SDK

Use the software developer kit to make the generation of SDON easier using Java. The SDK implements the SDON object model in these languages and provides a method to serialize them as JSON.

This allows you to build an SDON document object without worrying about JSON syntax.

Download the Java SDK here.

SmartDraw SDK

Create a REST Endpoint

VisualScript reads a REST endpoint URL to generate a diagram. You can create one using ScriptRunner in the Atlassian world.

Learn how to use ScriptRunner to make a REST endpoint.

Create a REST Endpoint

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