Examples of Data Visualization with VisualScript for the Atlassian Stack

Example Reports For Jira

SAFe Diagram

Bring a key component to your PI planning meeting off the white board and into a real-time updated Jira gadget. Instead of paper and string, these electronic SAFe diagrams allow people outside meeting to also see the project's status easily.

SAFe diagram

Issue Dependency Diagram

Show visually how an issue is connected to other issues in your project. You can quickly see what your issue is being blocked by as well as what other issues it may be blocking. The diagram can also show related issues, duplicates, and any issues the selected issue causes or is caused by.

Jira issue dependency

Jira Permissions

Visualize which groups and users have access to an issue or project.

Permission schema

Example Reports For Confluence

Project Status Summary

Add a visual overview of your project. At a glance, you'll be able to see the scope of a project with its risks and team members involved.

Project status summary

Confluence Page Tree

Visualize your page structure hierarchy in a simple chart. See how all your pages are organized under a parent page in a visual way. Use it for review or as an alternative table of contents.

Confluence page tree

Software License Expiration Gantt Chart

Keep track of when any set of Atlassian software licenses expire. This is especially useful if you manage multiple instances with different renewal cycles.

VisualScript gantt chart

How VisualScript Works

The flow of a VisualScript report follows a simple pattern:

VisualScript flow

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