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Text in this Example:

Acts and speaks without thinking, unable to wait, interrupts others.
Seems to be in constant motion, has difficulty staying seated, squirms, talks too much.
Has a hard time paying attention, daydreams, is easily distracted, is disorganized, loses a lot of things.
A child with ADHD may have one or more of the following behavior symptoms:
Frequently avoids doing things that require ongoing mental effort
Often forgets things
Frequently loses a lot of important things
Is disorganized
Frequently does not follow through on instructions or finish tasks
Often does not seem to care about details, makes careless mistakes
Is easily distracted from work or play
Often does not seem to listen
Often has a very hard time paying attention, daydreams
Cannot play quietly
Often runs, jumps, and climbs when this is not permitted
Talks too much
Frequently squirms and fidgets
Cannot stay seated
Is in constant motion, as if "driven by a motor"
Frequently interrupts others
Often calls out answers before the question is complete
Cannot wait for things
Frequently has trouble taking turns
May run into the street without looking for traffic first
Frequently acts and speaks without thinking

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