Healthy Weight Gain - Weekly Rate of Weight Gain

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Maintain a Healthy Weight Gain
Weekly Rate of Weight Gain
Source: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institutes of Health.
One way to determine if your overall weight gain is within the healthy range is to follow your weekly rate of weight gain. The table below gives some general guidelines for weekly rate of weight gain.
Aim to keep your weekly rate of weight gain within these healthy ranges:
In the first trimester of pregnancy:
(the first 3 months)
Three-to-six pounds for the
entire three months.
During the second and third trimesters:
(the last 6 months)
Between 1/2 and one (1) pound
each week.
If you gained too much weight
early in the pregnancy
Limit weight gain to 3/4 of a pound each week (3 pounds each month) to help get your blood sugar level under control.
A weight gain of two (2) pounds or more each week is considered high.
Keep in mind that your weekly rate of weight gain may go up and down throughout the course of your pregnancy. Some weeks you may gain weight, other weeks you won't; as a result, your weekly rate of gain may not match your overall weight gain goal exactly. Your health care provider will let you know if you're gaining too much or too little weight for a healthy pregnancy.
Weight loss can be dangerous during any part of your pregnancy. Report any weight loss to your health care provider right away.
You may also notice that your weight gain slows down or stops for a time. It should start going up again after one-to-two weeks. If not, tell your health care provider immediately. He or she may need to adjust your treatment plan.

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