Risk of Diabetes

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How do I Know if I’m at Risk?
Answer the questions below to learn your risk level* for gestational diabetes.
1. Are you a member of a high-risk ethnic group?
(Hispanic, African American, Native American, or Pacific Islander)
2. Are you overweight or very overweight?
3. Are you related to anyone who has diabetes now or had diabetes in their lifetime?
4. Are you older than 25?
5. Did you have gestational diabetes with a past pregnancy?
6. Have you had a stillbirth or a very large baby with a past pregnancy?
7. Do you have a history of abnormal glucose tolerance?
If you answered
YES to TWO or more of these questions...
YES to ONLY ONE of these questions...
NO to ALL of these questions...
You are at HIGH RISK for
gestational diabetes
You are at AVERAGE RISK for
You are at LOW RISK for
Should I get tested?
Test you as soon as you know you are pregnant. If the first test is negative, he or she will likely test you again when you are between 24 and 28 weeks’ pregnant.
Test you when you are 24 to 28 weeks’ pregnant.
Probably not test you unless you start to have problems.
*Keep in mind that every pregnancy is different. Even if you didn’t have gestational diabetes when you were pregnant before, you might get it during your current pregnancy. Or, if you had gestational diabetes before, you may not get it with this pregnancy. Follow your health care provider’s advice about your risk level and getting tested.
Source: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institutes of Health. www.nichd.nih.gov

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