Adding and Deleting Users

SmartDraw supports Single Sign-On through SAML or you can use SmartDraw's own user administration to manage users. Even if you chose SSO, you can add or delete individual users or use SmartDraw's administration features to transfer documents.

To add, delete and otherwise manage your users, you'll want to select the "SmartDraw User Management" option from your license page.

Options for Managing Users

With a SmartDraw Site License, you have control over who may sign up for the online edition under your license. You can choose:

  • Unrestricted
  • Restricted to Email Domain
  • Invite Only
Choose SmartDraw user management

In this mode, any user who has possession of your site license key can use this license, including users outside of your organization.

Restricted to Email Domain
In this mode only users with an email address in one of the domains you specify will be able to use this license.

Invite Only
In this mode, only users that you as the license administrator specifically add to this license will be able to use it.

Note: There are some site licenses that may be automatically restricted to a specific domain at the time of purchase and you will only see options to add or remove users.

User management options

Add a New User to Your License

If you need to add a new user to your license, click the "Add Users" button.

Click the Add users button

You may add one or more users by entering their names and email addresses into the box in the dialog. Enter or paste one user per line.

If you created or enabled the built-in groups previously, you can designate what group the new user belongs to in this dialog as well.

Note: You cannot add users that are already on another SmartDraw License. They must first change the email address on their old account or remove it from the old license.

Optionally, you can choose SmartDraw to send an invitation email to the user or users you added.

Add users

Remove a User from Your License

If you need to delete a user, select them on the list of users (you can use search to help find them), and click the "Remove User" button.

Remove user

If the user has documents on their account, you'll be prompted to figure out what to do with those documents. You can choose to transfer them to another user on your license.

Remove user

If the user doesn't have any documents, you'll just have to confirm you want to delete them from your account to open up a seat.

Remove user with no documents

Disable a User

Disabling a user temporarily frees up a seat on your license. Because the user is not fully deleted, you can easily re-enable them at any point in the future.

Disable user

A disabled user will show up with a black line through their name on your user list.

Disable user on user list

You can enable any disabled user by selecting them and clicking the "Enable User" button.

Enable users

Transfer Documents

If a user has documents, you can transfer them to another user before you delete or disable their account. This is covered in this guide to retaining control of documents.

Transfer Documents from a user

Edit User Details

You can easily update a user's name or email address at any time. To do so, select the user, and click the "Edit User" button. Update the user's name or email address.

If you alter a user's email address to one they can't access, this provides you a way of retaining control of their account without using SSO. You can read on how to do this in this article about transferring user accounts.

Edit user

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