Manage Users with Groups

Every site license and multi-seat license for SmartDraw allows you to manage users via groups. This page will walk you through all the options.

Login to Your Account

Enabling groups for your license allows you to place users into groups and have control over the permissions any group has inside the application. For example, you can allow certain users to have edit access, while others only have read access.

First, login to your account, click on "Licenses & Subscriptions", and select license you want to manage.

Once you're on the "Manage Your SmartDraw License" page, click on "Manage Group Permissions."

Choose manage group permissions

Enable Groups

Turn on this feature by clicking on the "Enable User Groups" button.

You can also stop using groups at any time by clicking on the "Disable Groups" button.

Enable groups

Managing Groups

By default, you get three built-in groups you can add users to: Editors, ReadOnly users, and Admins. If you enabled SSO, you will also see any groups that your IDP passed to SmartDraw.

You can also create your own groups that match your organization's structure.

To start, all users on a license will belong to the Editor group, which gives them full control over creating, editing and deleting private and shared documents and folders.

If some of your users shouldn't have edit rights, put them in the "ReadOnly" group. This group will not be able to create, modify or delete documents.

The "Admin" group is meant for people who may administer your license, but don't need to edit or create documents.

Manage groups

Adding New Groups

You can add custom groups easily.

Click "Add Custom Group" to create a new group specific to your business.

Give it a name and a short description.

Add groups

Once you add a group, you can set its permissions and add users in the "Group Detail" page.

Custom group permissions will mimic the permissions in the built-in groups. You can choose to allow the group to have "Editor" rights by checking "Full Control". This will allow users in the group to read, create, edit, and delete files.

To set read-only permissions, check "Allow" next to the "Read" option only.

Set group permission and details

Adding Users to the Group

To add new users to your group, click the "Add Users" button. You'll see a list of users on your license. Check the box next to the ones you want to add to your custom group and choose "Add Selected Users."

Add users

Deleting Users from the Group

To remove users from a group, click on the group name so you see the "Group Detail" page and then select the users you want to remove and click on the "Remove Users." button.

Remove users

Deleting a Group

You can delete an unwanted group entirely, with the exception of the built-in system groups. To delete a custom group, select the group from the group list by clicking on it. Once on the "Group Detail" page, click on the "Delete Group" button.

Delete group

Using Groups to Manage Shared Folders

You can use groups to set permissions for shared folders.

If you don't have any shared folders yet, let's walk through making them.

On your main "Manage Your SmartDraw License" page, click on "Create Shared Folders".

Here, you can create common folders that everyone on your team can share and save documents to.

To add a new common folder, click the "Add Folder" button.

You can create one or multiple folders by listing their names and clicking on "Save Folders".

Add shared folders

Manage Permissions for Shared Folders

Once you have a shared folder, you can select it and see how many documents it contains, manage its permissions, rename it, or delete it.

By default, shared folders are visible to everyone on your license. If you want the shared folder to be available only to specific groups, you'll want to specify those permissions by clicking on the "Permissions" button.

Manage folder permissions

Let's say you only want the Marketing group to see and edit the documents in the Marketing folder. Under permissions, make sure you add the Marketing group by clicking on "Add Groups". Then, remove the "Editor" and "ReadOnly" groups by selecting them and choosing "Remove Group."

Alternatively, you can select the group and deny specific permissions like ability to edit or delete using the checkboxes to the right.

Add a group to a folder

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