Single Sign-On (SSO) with Google Workspace

SmartDraw let's you provision your users using SSO through Google Workspace. This page will guide you through setting that up.

Add A Custom SAML App in the Google Admin Console

First, we need to configure a new SAML app in your Google Workspace admin console and download the Identity Provider Metadata to make configuring SmartDraw SSO easier.

  1. Go to Google Admin Console website ( and sign-in with Google Workspace admin credentials.
  2. Go to home page (Main menu -> Home) and click Apps.
  3. Select "SAML apps" option, and then click "+" sign.
  4. Click "SETUP MY OWN CUSTOM APP" at the bottom of the page. You'll go through a series of steps which should mostly be self-explanatory.
  5. At the "Service Provider Details" section, enter the following information:
    • ACS URL:[your-google-workspace-primary-domain]
      • For example:
    • Entity ID:
    • Click "NEXT".
Add A Custom SAML App in the Google Admin Console

Setting Up SmartDraw License for SSO

To complete the SSO configuration, we need to connect the entity URL and IDP data from Google to your SmartDraw license.

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click on Licenses and Subscriptions.
  3. Click on the license key you want to set up SSO for.
  4. From the Identity Management section click on "Single Sign-On."
Login into your SmartDraw Account

Import Your SAML Metadata

Download your SAML XML metadata file from Google or get your metadata URL. You can import either the file or copy-paste their URL into SmartDraw. Click on "Import SAML Metadata from your Identity Provider" and upload your file or link to your URL.

Import SAML data

Verify and Activate SSO

SmartDraw will process your imported data automatically. Make sure your domain and SAML issuer URL look good.

Click "SAVE CONFIGURATION" to complete the SSO configuration and turn on Single Sign-On.

Activate SSO

Testing Your Setup

From Google Google Workspace Admin Console

  1. From Google Google Workspace admin console home page, click "Apps" and "SAML apps".
  2. Click custom app "SmartDraw" created earlier.
  3. Click "Launch this app" icon on the top right corner and the SmartDraw website will be loaded.
Test Google SSO from the Admin Console

From a Web Browser

  1. Open your web browser and enter your SSO URL. This will be:[google-workspace-domain]
  2. Enter your Google login information
Test Google SSO from a web browser

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