Evaluation Form - 3

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Evaluation Form
John Smith
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Engineer
Product Evaluated:
Digital Camera
Number of times used:
Circle the most appropriate number for each statement below. A rating of one (1) indicates the highest level of agreement with the statement, five (5) the lowest.
Camera is easy to turn on.
Camera boot up time is less than 30 seconds.
Camera focuses on human face properly.
In Macro mode, camera focuses on flower 2 inches away from lens properly
Camera focuses on horizon properly.
It is easy to switch between high resolution and low resolution.
It is easy to adjust white balance.
The default settings are appropriate.
It is easy to change the battery.
It is easy to insert the memory card.
It is easy to turn the flash on and off.
It is easy to switch into movie mode.
It is easy to install camera software.
It is easy to transfer images from the camera to the computer.
It is easy to view camera images on TV set.
While it was easy to insert the memory card, it was harder to figure out that one has to hold down the yellow button near the top of the slot in order to eject it. Frustrated customers might try to forcible remove the card. Some instructions on the inside flap of the cover would help.