Types of Treatment

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Types of Treatment
Casts and Splints
Closed Reduction and
Open Reduction and
Internal Fixation
External Fixation
Plaster or fiberglass cast is the most common. Casts are used for bones that are in the correct position. It prevents movement while it heals.
If your bone can be realigned by moving it into the correct position without having surgery it is called a closed reduction. Your health care provider may try to move it into position or may use traction to help gently pull the bones into position.
This is an orthopedic surgery which involves cutting open the skin of the area over the fracture. The bone fragments are held in place with special screws or by attaching metal plates to the bone. Pins that go through the bone or rods that go inside the length of the bone are also used to keep the bone in place.
Pins or screws are put through the skin and bone above and below the fracture. These are connected to metal bars on the outside of the skin to form a frame around the fracture. This frame keeps the bone pieces in place. When the healing is complete, the fixation device is removed.
Cast immobilization:
Cast is used when the bone is in the correct position
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