Distal Radius Fracture

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Distal Radius Fracture
Colles' fractures:
when falling on an outstretched hand, where the hand is extended backward on the wrist
Distal Radius
Smith’s fractures:
when the hand is flexed forward under the wrist.
Distal radius fracture is a break across the end of the radius, main bone of the forearm. There are two common variants of distal radius fractures that are characterized by the direction of forces applied to the wrist during a fall: Colles Fracture and Smith Fracture.
Classifying the type of fractures
Intra-articular Fracture
Extra-articular Fracture
Open fracture
Comminuted Fracture
A fracture that extends into the joint
A fracture that does not extend into the joint
When a fractured bone breaks the skin
When a bone is broken into more than two pieces
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