Home Maintenance Schedule

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Task Frequency
Person Assigned
Last Completed
Test smoke detectors
Mechanical water softener
See manual
Drain off sediment from base of hot water tank
Inspect bathtubs and sinks for caulking and leaks; repair as needed
Apply wood protector to cabinets and trim
Lubricate hinges of interior doors
Lubricate hardware on garage doors and inspect for damage
Check for cracks, dampness and leaks in basement and crawl space
Check operation of water pump and sump pump, if applicable
Major cleaning
Review emergency procedures and practice fire drill
Winter Maintenance Schedule
Change furnace filters
Monthly during summer
Humidifier: thoroughly clean water in reservoir
Chimney cleaned for wood stove/fireplace
As needed
Spring Maintenance Schedule
Remove and store windows and doors
Window cleaning spring and fall
Window caulking (especially for air-conditioned rooms)
Spring and fall
Summer Maintenance Schedule
Clean air conditioner filter
Clean home pantry area, arrange items on hand, and prepare space for additions
Fall Maintenance Schedule
Remove leaves from gutters
Once or twice during fall
Clean and store yard tools, discard or store yard chemicals properly
Clean fire extinguisher, refill or replace as needed
Home Maintenance Schedule

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