Party Checklist

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Party Checklist
Establish your party budget.
Finalize your guest list.
Select a party theme.
Set your party date and time.
If you are having your food catered, find and hire a caterer.
Create and send party invitations.
Manage RSVPs.
Take inventory of party supplies and purchase needed decorations.
Plan your party menu and decide on the d├ęcor and music.
Order any party rental equipment.
Take inventory of kitchen items and tableware for the party and acquire missing items.
If your are hosting your party away from home or hiring a caterer, call to confirm.
Decorate and arrange your home for the party.
Purchase non-perishable food and drinks for your party.
Call non-RSVP guests.
Purchase perishable food except fresh meat and seafood.
Make sure your camera is ready to be used for the party.
Refrigerate drinks, defrost frozen foods and homemade cake.
Prepare food that can be refrigerated, make sauces, wash and cut up vegetables.
Reconfirm with restaurant/location and caterer.
Buy fresh meat and seafood.
Clean your house. Put out clean towels. Make sure you have enough toilet paper.
Set up table and bar.
Prepare food.
Chill wine and other drinks.
Pick up ice and balloons.
Get dressed but consider wearing an apron.
Reheat prepared food.
Toss salad and set out food.
Light candles, start music and if you have one on, take off your apron.
Relax, smile and have fun!

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