Supervisor Feedback Form

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Company Name
Information About You
My Supervisor:
Neither Agree nor Disagree
1. Treats me fairly
2. Brings out the best in employees
3. Treats me with respect
4. Takes initiative
5. Develops new strategies
6. Is skilled in conflict resolution
7. Is skilled in conflict resolution
33. Supports the use of technology to do my job
34. Establishes clear expectations
35. Provides the equipment I need to do my job well
36. Has a clear idea of my job responsibilities
37. Accepts constructive criticism
38. Leads by example
39. Offers me the flexibility I want
40. Provides me with adequate feedback
41. Holds me accountable for the work that I do
42. Rewards people according to their accomplishments
43. Sets challenging performance goals for my job
44. Evaluates all options before acting
45. Effectively resolves department conflicts
46. Is committed to organizational goals
47. Is an effective leader
48. Understands our needs
49. Communicates effectively
50. Develops innovative solutions
51. Is someone I trust
52. Sets a good example
53. Shows an eagerness to improve
54. Encourages my development
55. Inspires future success
56. Thinks before taking action
8. Handles my work-related
9. Builds loyalty in others
10. Tells me when my work needs improvement
11. Expects and demands superior job performance
12. Explores new and exciting opportunities
13. Challenges the abilities of other employees
14. Tells me when I do my work well
15. Asks me for my input to help make decisions
16. Gives good, practical advice
17. Communicates decisions with confidence
18. Is open-minded
19. Handles disruptive employees effectively
20. Is well informed
21. Effectively settles disciplinary problems
22. Usually rewards hard work
23. Recognizes when I do a good job
24. Encourages me to create innovative solutions
25. Allows me to develop professionally
26. Allows me to obtain necessary training
27. Helps me to feel secure in my job
28. Sets high standards for themselves
29. Provides the necessary resources to perform my job
30. Makes good use of my skills and abilities
31. Thinks through alternatives
32. Enables me to be more effective
 Accounting
 Legal and Copyright
 Customer Service
 Payroll
 Finance
 Physical Plant
 Human Resources
 Research and Development
 Less than one Year
 Five to nine years
 One to two years
 Ten to nineteen years
 Three to four years
 Twenty years or more
Job Classification:
 Supervisor/manager
 Non-supervisory/eligible for overtime (non-exempt)
 Non-supervisory/not eligible for overtime (exempt)
 Director and above
 Temporary Clerical Staff

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