Mosquito-Transmitted Viral Encephalitis

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Mosquito-Transmitted Viral Encephalitis
It cannot be transmitted directly from infected animals to humans or from an infected human to other people.
In pigs, the virus causes reproductive or breeding problems such as, stillbirths, abortions, mummies, and infertility. The period from exposure to infection in pigs is uncertain.
Horses usually show no signs of disease. Rare cases may result in encephalitis, fever, impaired ability to walk, stupor (trance), and teeth grinding. Signs show up 8 to 10 days after exposure to the virus. Some mammals will not get ill
Infected mosquitoes transmit the virus to birds. Some species get ill and die, while others get infected but have no symptoms
In humans it can cause fatal infection of the brain. Disease has a quick onset with headache, high fever, neck stiff ness, stupor, disorientation, tremors, occasional convulsions (especially in infants), paralysis and coma.

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