New Employee Setup

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New Employee Network Setup Form
(Please Fill Out Below)
Start Date:
Date the employee will be in our office and need resources to work
First and Last as they want it to appear in our directory
Official title they were offered when hired
Workstation requirements:
[Standard, high performance, or laptop]
Lead time required for new hardware
Applications Needed:
Pre-Installed applications will be Office, Outlook, and Internet Explorer
Other Applications:
[Goldmine, Development tools, HTML Editors, Graphic tools] List any other required applications
Office Location:
Where to setup the workstation & phone
Phone Setup:
[standard or agent] Agents can have calls routed to them via the call queues
Sales Agent:
[Yes/No] Will the person be a Sales Agent in the portal?
Agent Groups:
[Sales, Support, Service, Operator] If an Agent, what groups should they be in?
Portal Access:
[Read Only, Full, or Administrator] Full access is needed for those who enter orders
Other Requirements:
Anything else needed

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