Aseptic Hand Washing

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Remove dirt and microorganisms from the skin and fingernails.
1. Remove all jewelry.
2. Turn on faucet using a paper towel.
3. Wet your hands and apply liquid soap.
4. Work soap into a lather and scrub
hands for at least two minutes.
5. Keep your hands at a lower angle
than your elbows to prevent the dirty
water from running back onto your
6. Interlace your fingers to clean
between them.
7. Scrub your fingernails with a nail
8. Dry your hands with clean paper
9. Turn off the faucet using a clean
paper towel.
Keep your hands lower than your elbows to prevent dirty water running back onto your arms
Scrub your hands for 2 minutes with fingers interlaced
Dry your hands with a clean paper towel
Turn off the faucet using a clean paper towel
Aseptic Hand Washing
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