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Tips of Designing Menu
Restaurant Name
Your Menu Sets the Mood
Remember that your menu is part of your cuisine performance that offers a customer not only quality food, but also quality time.
Effective Titles
Highlight types of foods by including menu headings such as "Fresh from Garden" or "Our Specialties" rather than using generic terms such as Starters or Entrees.
Menu Description
Keep food descriptions short, and Use wherever possible
'word pictures' rather than lengthy descriptions.
Use Bold Lettering or Boxes
Impacting your special offers by using bold lettering or Boxing help direct customer towards your specials.
Consider boxing one out of every 7 to 10 items.
More About Menu...
Using Symbols and Icons
Symbols and Icons can make your menu unique and draw
attention to menu items that you would prefer to sell.
Too Much Choice, or Too Few Choice
Too much choice in a menu creates customer's confusion, and too few choice on a menu create customer's boredom.
Colored Paper
Consider the environment of your restaurant when choosing a paper for your menu. Some colors makes difficult to read in the dark setting.
Signature Items
Put one or two signature items that your restaurant is famous for.
Clean Menu
Keep your menus clean.
Price Marking
Blend your price mark into your descriptions to avoid customers focus on the price. Using the same typeface and removing the dollar sign. 13.50

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