Family Holiday Newsletter Template

Create Newsletter examples like this template called Family Holiday Newsletter that you can easily edit and customize in minutes.

Text in this Example:

Title of Your Holiday Newsletter
Getting Started
Before you start creating a newsletter, brainstorm what event you want to include on your family newsletter. Write it down all, and think which event was the most influential to your family this past year. Some common topics in a family newsletter are job change/promotion, birth/adoptions, engagement/wedding, entering/graduating school, moving to new home and family vacation.
Adding Your Family Pictures
In many cases, a picture tells more than a long writing. Keep your article short and instead add pictures.
Inserting Your Photo
To replace the photo on newsletter templates, select the photo-container by clicking the photo. Then, on the Insert menu, click Picture, select your picture, and choose Replace.
A Tip of Designing
It is better to limit the font less than 3 style. you should consider if the font you chose was easy to read. especially for the article part, avoid using the fancy-looking font in order your newsletter to be clean and reader-friendly.

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