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Pediatrics Newsletter
Child safety tips:
Lock away all household cleaners and medications.
Place a pet's food and water out of the reach of children.
Always secure your child in a car seat when in car
Never leave a hot stove or BBQ unattended.
Bolt bookshelves to the wall.
Keep Ipecac Syrup handy for poisoning emergencies.
Limit direct and lengthy sun exposure
use high SPF sunblock.
Have fire drills and discuss fire safety with your children.
Buy only age-appropriate toys.
Use safety gates near stairs.
Cover all unused electrical outlets.
Ear Infections
Child Safety
To treat ear infections, pediatricians will prescribe antibiotics to kill the bacteria and pain medication to help relieve any pain or fever. Even with an ear infection, children can play outside and even swim (as long as the eardrums are not torn). If you travel by plane, have the child swallow fluids or chew gum during take-off and landing.
Ear infections occur in the middle ear behind the eardrum. They often develop as a side effect of a cold or flu. Children have a hard time draining substances from their ears and these trapped substances can promote the growth of bacteria. Children who have an ear infection will seem irritable and they may also have trouble sleeping. The infected fluid puts pressure on the eardrums causing considerable pain and discomfort.
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