Common Vitamins

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Vitamins in Your Diet
Deficiency Symptoms
Water Soluble
B1, Thiamin
Liver, legumes, yeast, whole grains
Coenzyme in cellular respiration
Beriberi, fatigue, loss of appetite
B2, Riboflavin
Eggs, dairy foods, green leafy vegetables, organ meats
Coenzyme in cellular respiration (in FAD and FMN)
Lesions in corners of mouth, eye irritation, skin disorders
B3, Niacin
Liver, meat, fowl, yeast
Coenzyme in cellular metabolism (in NAD and NADP)
Pellagra, diarrhea, skin disorders, mental disorders
B5, Pantothenic acid
Eggs, yeast, liver
Found in acetyl CoA
Adrenal problems, reproductive problems
B6, Pyridoxine
Dairy foods, liver, whole grains
Coenzyme in amino acid metabolism
Anemia, skin problems, convulsions, slow growth
B9, Folic acid
Vegetables, eggs, whole grains, liver
Coenzyme in formation of heme and nucleotides
B12, Cobalamin
Dairy foods, liver, meat, eggs
Coenzyme in formation of nucleic acids and proteins, and in red blood cell formation
Pernicious anemia
Vitamin H, Biotin
Bacteria in gut, yeast, liver
Found in coenzymes
Skin problems, loss of hair
C, Ascorbic acid
Citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes
Aids formation of connective tissues; prevents oxidation of cellular constituents
Scurvy, poor bone growth, slow healing
A, Retinol
Fruits, vegetables, liver, dairy foods
Found in visual pigments
Damage to mucous membranes, night blindness
D, Calciferol
Fortified milk, sunshine, fish oils
Absorption of calcium and phosphorous
E, Tocopherol
Meat, whole grains, dairy foods
Muscle maintenance, prevents oxidation of cellular components
K, Menadione
Liver, intestinal bacteria
Blood clotting
Blood-clotting problems (in newborns)

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