Best Shower Gifts to Ask For

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A monitor
It transmits sounds short distances from the nursery. A must if your home has two stories, but even in an apartment, you may not trust your ears.
A wearable soft carrier
Hip-slung models let you comfortably carry a baby into toddlerdom, but they aren't really suitable until the baby sits yo. Some parents like metal-frame backpack once a baby can sit up.
An infant seat
The best models for young infants recline slightly and allow the baby to rock or bounce. A removable bar of toys can be set in the baby's line of vision for entertainment.
Toiletry essentials
Baby-size washcloths, hooded towels, mid baby shampoo and soap, infant nail clippers and scissors, diaper rash ointment, a soft hairbrush.
A humidifier
Pediatricians recommend these devices to moisten the air when your child has a cold.. It release cool air and are safer to leave in the room with an older child than the old-fashioned vaporizers.
A tympanic (ear) thermometer
Though not always reliable for use under 6 months, they give quick readings in an infinitely easier way than thermometers used rectally.
A baby bathtub and seat
A molded-plastic tub, large sponge, or bathinette will be used during the first 6 months or so for sponge baths. These tubs hold or prop baby securely. Once the child sits up solo, he or she graduates to the big tub, but a special seat makes the job easier. Most tub seats are circular, with suction cups that secure the seat to the tub and a rail to keep baby safe.
A baby swing
Some feature carriage beds that allow even a newborn to swing gently while lying down. At the least, you want a reclining seat that's comfortable for a young baby and that can be positioned upright later.
Best Shower Gifts to Ask For
A play yard
If you buy a used or older model, check to make sure that there are not tears in the mesh on which a baby could get snagged and that any wooden slats are spaced no more than 2 3/8 inches apart.
A toy bar
This is a freestanding bar of dangling toys that a small baby can see while lying down on the floor. Some models include a mat and can be folded up. Sometimes the toys are removable, which means you can change them periodically to add interest.
A stroller
The handiest type is a convertible model that folds flat to carriage position as well as upright to a seat. If you or your partner are tall, check for stroller handles that are a comfortable height. Though you can't use a light weight umbrella stroller until the baby is sitting up well, they're worth asking for. Many moms keep a spare stashed in the car trunk at all times.
A high chair
Your baby won't need it for months, but he or she will eventually need it. Plastic models are easier to clean. Some adjust to different heights or convert to a regular chair as the child grows.
A crib light
These small, low-wattage lights attach to a crib or changing table, providing you with just enough illumination to check on a sleeping baby or change a nighttime diaper.
Clothing in large sizes
The darling zero to 3-month size will be ready for storage in weeks, and you'll welcome having replacements on hand. If you're expecting a girl, pass the word that she can use play clothes and sweats, so you don't receive only dressy dresses.
A diaper-disposal method
Whether you use a diaper pail or the newer system that compact and individually wrap dirty disposables, you'll want one for each diaper-changing post. The best pails have a locking handle so they can't be opened by a curious baby.
The ideal gift because duplicates are no problem. You can never have too many.

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