Childbirth Stages

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Once the baby is born, the placenta, no longer needed, automatically separates from the uterine wall where it implanted 9 months earlier and is expelled
Fully dilated. Contractions usually slow slightly to every 2-5 minutes and last 60-90 seconds
Transition Phase
Cervix dilates to 7-10 centimeters in diameter. Contractions during this 30-90 minute phase last much longer, up to a minute or more.
Active Phase
Cervix dilates to 3-7 centimeters in diameter. Contractions are eventually 2-3 minutes apart and last 45 seconds
Early (latent) Phase
Cervix dilates to 2-3 centimeters in diameter, and contractions begins mildly at 15-20 minute intervals, each lasts 30 to 60 seconds
Monitor the frequency and duration of your contractions
Alert your partner
Don't go hospital too soon
Sleep if you can
Walk if you feel rested
Eat a light, easy to digest meal
Keep upright
Practice prepared exercises
Listen to your nurse
Ignore any questions/conversations
Suck ice chips
Let your body relax between contractions
Urine often
Don't lie flat on your back all the time. Try recline on one side or with a pillow under one hip
Request pain relief if you're very uncomfortable
Continue relaxation and breathing
Rely on your helpers
Take contractions one at a time
Keep your mouth moist with ice and try to keep cool
Resist the urge to push by using special techniques such as blowing short burst of air through your mouth
Stage One: Dilatation
Stage Two: Pushing and Birth
Try to deliver in a relatively upright position
Tale cleansing breath before and after each push
Think "Down and out" as you push
Don't push until you're asked to
Relax your pelvic floor as completely as possible
To keep rested, go limp between contractions
Use your voice to help you move through a push
Don't feel rushed
Ask to hold your baby right away after delivery
Try to nurse
Thank the nurses who helped you
Stage Three: After the Birth
Childbirth Stages

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