Finding Out - Boy or Girl

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Reasons parents DO want to know
Reasons parents DON'T want to know
Ultrasound sex diagnosis can be wrong
In the event something goes wrong, knowing makes the unborn child seem too real
You have something else to muse and fantasize about during your pregnancy
You get to pick two names
People will give you more functional shower gifts than boy's or girl's clothing
It's meddling in one of life's great mysteries
It's like reading ahead to the last page of the novel
Boy or Girl?
Why not? learning the sex is no different from learning about the expected size or health problems
You can bond more concretely with the unborn baby
You can prepare older siblings
You have something else to talk about during your pregnancy
You only have to select one name
You can begin buying appropriate baby clothes
You can set up a gender-specific nursery
Finding Out - Boy or Girl?

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