How Does Your Baby Lie

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How Does Your Baby Lie?
Frank Breech
When the body is folded into a V-shape, the buttocks would greet the world first. The legs are straight up with the toes up near the face. Such babies tend to be delivered by C-section.
Transverse (horizontal)
A baby in this lie must be delivered by Cesarean if the body can't be manually turned by a doctor before labor has begun.
Footling Breech
The baby is head up, like a complete breech, but one leg is bent and the other leg, or just a foot, dangles next to the cervix. If delivered vaginally, the foot would appear first and doesn't provide as strong a wedge to lead the rest of the body out, prolonging labor. Footling breeches are delivered by C-section.
Complete Breech
Breech babies are sitting head up with the feet facing down. Unless the body can be turned externally by a doctor, the baby is usually delivered by C-section.
Vertex (head down)
By the time they engaged in the birth canal, more than 95% of babies have assumed this position because the head, which is the heaviest part of the fetus's body, naturally shifts downward. It's the bast lie for a vaginal delivery because the widest part of the baby, the head, is to be born first. Almost always, the crown of the head is nearest the cervix. But sometimes the presenting part can be forehead, chin, or part of the face. In those cases, the baby may be turned manually or delivered by Cesarean, as such labor can be slow. This also minimizes bruising and swelling of the baby's face.

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