Medical Pain Management

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Medical Pain Management
General anesthesia
It puts the woman to sleep for the duration of the birth. It's reserved only for C-sections in which the woman cannot have an epidural, or for rare emergencies
Paracervical block
Local anesthetic is injected into the cervix, raising the pain of dilatation in the final stage before birth.
Pudendal block
Medication is injected through the vaginal wall to numb the vagina, perineum, and rectum.
Combined spinal-epidural block
Spinal block
quick-acting form of anesthesia, lasts only for 1-2 hours
Epidural block
this is a regional anesthesia which is delivered just outside the spine
Systemic narcotics
If active labor is prolonged, narcotics can help you rest before the intense transition phase begins. The drugs can be administrated via injection or IV.

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