Rating the Workouts

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Rating the Workouts
Generally safe for anyone expecting
Best for these who participated in the sport pre-pregnancy
Highest danger of injury to mother or baby
Contact sports
(football, basketball)
Risk of jostling, hits by balls, falls too great
Scuba Diving
Decompression may harm fetus
Water Skiing
Speed makes falls especially dangerous
Horseback Riding
Danger of severe falls
Danger of violent falls and collisions
Risk of falls
Aerobic, but risk of falls
Light weight training
Strengthens muscles and can prevent lower-back pain in moderation, but experience necessary
Aerobic, but risks overheating and jarring
Improves flexibility, muscle control, breathing, and body awareness - all useful in labor
Stationary cycling
easy to sustain, non-weight bearing
Low-impact aerobics
Cardiovascular workout, stretches muscles
Easy to do, good overall conditioning
Low risk of injury, little impact on the joints, keeps the body cool
Which Exercises Best Suit Mothers-to-Be?

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