Soothing Baby's Cries

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Always check with your doctor before trying any type of homemade remedy
Take a quick ride in the car
Play a recording of soft music or of soothing sounds such as a rainstorm or
the ocean
Give a warn bath or shampoo
Try a wind-up or battery- operated swing
Hold her in front of a mirror
Place a strong-ticking clock near her bed
Read to your baby in an even-toned voice
Turn on the vacuum cleaner, a fan, or a radio between station-steady
"white noise" may lull her to sleep.
Soothing Baby's Cries
Take a shower or bath together
Give a soothing massage with warmed baby oil
Encourage her to suck her fist or a pacifier
Take her for a ride in a carriage or stroller.
Darken the room
Lay her on her tummy across your knees and rub her back, or lay her belly down on a half-filled warn-water bottle covered by a cloth.
Rock and sing
Swaddle her (wrap her snugly)
Carry the baby in a sling or soft carrier

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