Special Situations

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Special Situations
Late Bleeding
Bleeding in mid- to late pregnancy is cause for concern because it is much less common than during the first trimester. Often the cause is a minor inflammation of the cervix and not a sign of trouble. Vaginal bleeding can also signal one rare, but dangerous form of miscarriage called incompetent cervix.
Preterm Labor
Ten percent of all births in the United States occur earlier than the usual 37- to 42-week window. When labor begins after 20 weeks and before the 37th week, it's called preterm. Not all preterm labor to immediate delivery. The longer birth can be postponed, the better a baby's adds of good health, since growth is so critical from mid-pregnancy on.
Gestational Diabetes
Fewer than 3 percent of mothers-to-be develop a form of diabetes unique to pregnancy. The risk to the baby is that it receives too much sugar and produces its own extra insulin to process the sugar, which is stored as fat. This can lead to a baby with a larger than normal birthweight (macrosomia). There is an increased risk of a traumatic delivery or a Cesarean delivery.
Early detection of preterm
Unusual vaginal discharge
Mild cramping
A constant backache
Pelvic or abdominal pressure
Regular contractions (not always painful)

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