Top Ten Stretching

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Top Ten Stretching
Leg Stretch
- Lie on your left side -
Pelvic Tilt
- Kneel on all fours -
Side Stretch
- Sit with your left leg out to the side, your right one bent -
Thigh Stretches
- Sit with your legs outstretched -
Sitting Back Stretches
- Sit with your legs stretched out parallel in front of you -
Standing Back Stretches
- Stand with your feet about 12 inches apart -
Waist Twists
- Sit or Stand -
Arm Stretches
Shoulder Circles
Head Circles
Lengthen your neck down and forward. Roll your head to the side; look up at a high angle while stretching your spine up and slightly back. Now roll your head to the other side. End by dropping the head forward again. Repeat in the other direction.
Circle your shoulders forward, up, back, and down in the largest circle you can make. The movement should be soft and easy-going. Repeat; reverse the motion.
Clasp your hands behind your back. Stretch tem back and down, then release. Repeat.
Turn side to side slowly from the waist and look over one shoulder, then the other. Allow your arms to move freely. Repeat this a little faster so it becomes a swinging movement.
Roll your head and torso down toward the floor, bending your knees as you go. Return to standing straight by rolling up smoothly through your spine. Maintain the feeling of weight in both your feet. Repeat.
Slowly drop your head toward your knees and stretch your fingers along your legs as far as they will comfortably go. Straighten up slowly. Imagine that you're straightening yo because your torso is filling with air, like a balloon, not because you are using your muscles to hoist yourself up. Repeat.
Cross your right ankle over your left knee. Use your left hand to pull the right thigh toward the left, stretching the outside of the right leg. Increase the twist by looking over your right shoulder. Hold for a minute. Do once on each side.
Raise your right arm over your head. Reach high and make a big arc as you lean over your left leg and try to tough your fingers to your toes. Reverse the arc to bring yourself upright. Repeat, then so the other side.
Start with the head and pelvis in a relatively straight line. Curve the center of your back upward, contracting your abdominal, then lower it until straight. Repeat.
Position your head on a pillow or folded towel. Bend your left leg at the knee and hip, and brace your right hand on the floor. Your right leg is straight. Stretch your right leg long as you lift it off the floor. Lower it to the floor, repeat, then do the other side.
Make these ten basic stretches part of your daily prenatal routine. Repeat each exercise four times in each direction unless otherwise instructed

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