What to Pack for Delivery

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For the Mother
Washable nightgown or T-shirt to labor in (better still, wear the hospital-issue gown, since it could get bloodstained)
Nightgown for after delivery (you'll feel fresher in your own; splurge on tone with special nursing openings)
Slippers with nonslip soles
Thick socks (to wear in labor; your feet will get cold)
Robe (so you can walk the maternity floor)
Toiletries (including shampoo, toothbrush and paste, and cosmetics)
Two bras (nursing bras if you plan to breastfeed) and several pairs of panties you won't mind getting stained (in your pregnancy size)
Sanitary napkins of the heaviest absorbency (not tampons); even if the hospital provides napkins, they may be the old-fashioned belted kind
Eyeglasses (you'll want to remove contact lenses)
Hair ties or combs (if you have long hair)
Extra pillows
Lip balm
Hard candies (to keep your mouth moist)
A favorite photo or object to use as a focal point in labor
Baby book (for getting hand - or footprints and recording immediate thoughts)
Light diversions (magazines, books, birth announcements to fill out)
Comfort objects for you (a favorite sweater, a stuffed animal, a picture of an older child)
Clothes to wear home (a loose maternity dress or a big shirt and maternity pants; you'll still be about your seventh-month size)
For Your Labor Support Partner
Labor assists: massage oil, music (cassette player and tapes), labor handbook or notes
Address book and long-distance calling card (prepare a must-call list of names and numbers)
Video or still camera, with tape or film (don't forget spare batteries)
Coins for phones and vending machines
Health insurance and hospital registration information
Change of clothes and toiletries if you're planning on staying overnight
Swimsuit (in case your partner joins you in the shower or tub during labor)
For Your Baby
Clothes for the trip home including undershirt, spare diapers, sleeper, socks, hat, outer clothes, and receiving blanket
Rear-facing infant car seat
What to Pack for Delivery

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