Organs That Can Be Donated - Liver

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Organs That Can Be Donated: Liver
Diseases and Disorders
Birth defects of the liver or bile duct.
Chronic liver infections, such as hepatitis (particularly B and C), which severely damage the liver.
Damage from alcohol and other drugs.
Damage from blood clots in the liver.
The skin of people with liver damage may turn yellow from a condition called jaundice. They also may gain weight and experience general weakness. Because the liver is involved in many metabolic processes, severe liver damage is often fatal.
Transplant Statistics
Around 5,000 people receive liver transplants each year.
Each year, over 17,000 people are waiting to receive a liver transplant.
Each year, about 2,000 people die while waiting for a liver.
One year after the surgery, about 85 percent of liver transplant recipients live fairly normal lives.
A donated liver can be split between two recipients, so that one deceased donor can be the source of two liver transplants.
Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Decision: Donation,
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