Services of Agencies

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Medical/health services access
Counsel/advocate on financial aid & benefits
Senior service and social event access
Services of Agencies
Physical barrier removal
Home care support
What Kind Of Help Can Agencies Provide?
Emotional supports
Housekeeping assistance
Help finding affordable, safe, accessible housing
Modifying doorways, bathrooms, kitchens
Addition of ramps
Work with your Aging agencies to provide joint social events that both you and your family member can attend and provide staffing to give you a break.
Work with theaters, performing arts centers , etc. to provide free or reduced entrance fees for performances
Offer support groups
Provide information on local senior services
Assistance accessing public or non-profit senior and/or accessible vans or buses
Help with transition planning: stand-by guardian, health-care proxy, and living wills
Provide materials or workshops on financial planning (e.g. guardianship and trusts)
Assist in obtaining Medicaid
Advocate for obtaining services for which you and/or your family member are eligible
Help navigate the social service system and resolve problems with agencies.
Provide support groups and counseling for emotional needs
Aid with transition planning and your future health needs, i.e. dementia care and frailty
Provide list of specialists for children and adults with disabilities
Help in obtaining appropriate medical services for both caregiver and care receiver
Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Aging

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