Product Specification Sheet Template

This is an example of a product specification sheet template included with SmartDraw. Customize it with your own logo, text, and information.

Text in this Example:

Product Specification Sheet
Product Title:
Specification of product 1:
Specification of product 2:
Specification of product 3:
Specification of product 4:
Product Analysis
Company Name
Background Information
Information associate with characteristics of the product that needs to be addressed.
Testing Background
Address how testing was operated. Specify the environment when the testing was performed.
case 1
case 2
case 3
case 4
Result on Test
Analysis of the product according to the test results
Inserting Your Photo
To replace the photo on templates, select the photo-container by clicking the photo. Then, on the Insert menu, click Picture, select your picture, and choose Replace.

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