Real Estate Flyer Template 3

Create Real Estate Flyer examples like this template called Real Estate Flyer 3 that you can easily edit and customize in minutes.

Text in this Example:

Company Name
Agent Name
Location of the product
Before you start creating a flyer, think abut a concept of the flyer. for example, is the estate associated with the nature? or the modernism? Once figured out your concept, choose the graphic and colors that matches to it. Keep your text proposal short but unique.
Describe each property as it appears to you
Use high quality and attractive images
Use a photo of the exterior front of the home
Include photos of other "must-see" attraction
Keep home descriptions clean and factual
Print in full-color on glossy paper
Attractive Headline Here
Inserting Your Photo
To replace the photo on templates, select the photo-container by clicking the photo. Then, on the Insert menu, click Picture, select your picture, and choose Replace.

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