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SmartDraw's built-in templates are just one of many reasons why it's the best tool available for making 5S and other Lean diagrams.

The concept of 5S began in Japan and is associated with the Toyota Production System. The name comes from the five Japanese words that comprise the idea: seiri, seiton, seisou, seiketsu, and sitsuke. They have been translated into English as: sort, straighten, shine, standardize, and sustain.

5S is one of several techniques that led to "Just in Time" manufacturing. Today, it is most closely associated with the tenets of Lean and Six Sigma Practices that seek to improve production through elimination of waste.

To be clearly understood, 5S is best presented in a cycle diagram. This is because successful implementation requires continual practice. The clock-like format of this diagram makes it easy to grasp the idea that following 5S practices is a constant, continual process. Just like the perpetual progression of hands around a clock.

5S Diagram

Easy-to-Use 5S Audit Forms

One of the best ways for an organization to ensure that a 5S is successfully implemented and maintained is through use of checklists and audits.

SmartDraw includes 5S audit form templates that can be easily customized and adapted to any workplace environment. Start with a ready-made template or create your own.

Use the SmartPanel to quickly add blocks of information, such as this name and address field.

Inserting tables, images and text is as easy as clicking and typing. And SmartDraw includes an extensive library of thousands of symbols for you to use.

5S Audit Form

Three More Reasons Why SmartDraw is the Best 5S Diagram Maker Available

  • Quick-Start Templates and Extensive Library of Symbols
    Get a quick start. Our professionally designed templates and examples make it easy. Simply open up the template you want. Use it "as is" or customize it to suit your needs. With SmartDraw, you can also create your own 5S diagram, checklist, or audit form. It's simple, intuitive, and will give you a professional-looking result.
  • More Than 70 Other Diagram Types are Included
    SmartDraw includes a wide assortment of diagram types and more than 4,900 templates. Use it to create flowcharts, value stream maps, floor plans, network designs, timelines, decision trees, and more.
  • Free Support
    Need help getting started on your 5S diagram or audit form? Just call us or send an email. Our trained experts are standing by, ready to help, at absolutely no cost.
5S Templates

Effortless Collaboration

Share your diagram with your team easily. Leave notes and add hyperlinks. You can even use any of your favorite file sharing apps like Dropbox®, Google Drive, Box® or OneDrive®.

SmartDraw collaboration

Smart Integration

Share your 5S diagrams in a variety of common graphics formats such as a PDF. You can also export them to any Office® or Google Workspace application in just a few easy clicks. You can also easily insert them into any Google Workspace application.

SmartDraw integrates with the tools you use

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