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Easy Resource Task Matrices

Creating a resource task matrix with SmartDraw takes only a few minutes and can be done from any device with an internet connection. You begin by selecting a resource task matrix template. You then add your project information like who will be responsible for which tasks and our resource task matrix maker takes it from there.

Our template keeps your matrix in order and looking professional at all times. When you are ready to share your matrix with other project team members, you can share it to them directly using Dropbox®, Google Drive, OneDrive®, or SharePoint®, or export it to Microsoft Word®, Excel®, PDF, or PowerPoint® with a single click.

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What is a resource task matrix?

A resource and task matrix organizes the performance of tasks by different people or departments, and can also show which resources will be needed for a task. It consists of a table with a list of resources (people, departments, or other resources) in the leftmost column and a series of tasks listed in the top row.

If a resource plays a part in a task, the corresponding cell is marked with a symbol representing the kind of participation the resource will apply: if it's a person, he or she may have primary responsibility, be a team member, or provide additional resources.

A resource task matrix is useful for complex projects that often share resources. If resources are limited, this matrix can assist in organizing tasks using the same resource efficiently.

Resource task matrix example

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