Low Calorie Alternatives - Dairy

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Dairy Product
Low Calorie Alternatives
Source: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health. Aim for a Healthy Weight. NIH Publication No. 05-5213, Aug. 2005.
Evaporated whole milk
Evaporated fat-free (skim) or reduced fat (2%) milk
Whole milk
Low-fat (1%), reduced fat (2%), or fat-free (skim) milk
Ice cream
Sorbet, sherbet, low-fat or fat-free frozen yogurt, or
ice milk (check label for calorie content)
Whipping cream
Imitation whipped cream (made with fat-free
[skim] milk) or low-fat vanilla yogurt
Sour cream
Plain low-fat yogurt
Cream cheese
Neufchatel or “light” cream cheese or fat-free cream cheese
Cheese (cheddar, American, Swiss, jack)
Reduced calorie cheese, low calorie processed
cheeses, etc.; fat-free cheese
Regular (4%) cottage cheese
Low-fat (1%) or reduced fat (2%) cottage cheese
Whole milk mozzarella cheese
Part skim milk, low moisture mozzarella cheese
Whole milk ricotta cheese
Part skim milk ricotta cheese
Coffee cream (half and half) or nondairy creamer (liquid, powder)
Low-fat (1%) or reduced fat (2%) milk or fat-free dry milk powder
Instead of...
Replaced with...

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