Low Calorie Alternatives - Meat & Fish

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Meat & Fish
Low Calorie Alternatives
Source: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health. Aim for a Healthy Weight. NIH Publication No. 05-5213, Aug. 2005.
Cold cuts or lunch meats (bologna, salami, liverwurst, etc.)
Low-fat cold cuts (95% to 97% fat-free lunch meats, low-fat pressed meats)
Hot dogs (regular)
Lower fat hot dogs
Bacon or sausage
Canadian bacon or lean ham
Regular ground beef
Extra lean ground beef such as ground round or ground turkey (read labels)
Chicken or turkey with skin, duck, or goose
Chicken or turkey without skin (white meat)
Oil-packed tuna
Water-packed tuna (rinse to reduce sodium content)
Beef (chuck, rib, brisket)
Beef (round, loin) trimmed of external fat
(choose select grades)
Pork (spareribs, untrimmed loin)
Pork tenderloin or trimmed, lean smoked ham
Frozen breaded fish or fried fish (homemade or commercial)
Fish or shellfish, unbreaded (fresh, frozen, canned in water)
Whole eggs
Egg whites or egg substitutes
Frozen TV dinners (containing more than 13 grams of fat per serving)
Frozen TV dinners (containing less than 13 grams of fat per serving and lower in sodium)
Chorizo sausage
Turkey sausage, drained well (read label)
Vegetarian sausage (made with tofu)
Instead of...
Replaced with...

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